“A piece of well chosen jewellery can transform an outfit and make you feel not only beautiful but more confident.”

I have always had a passion for accessorising with jewellery and feel that I can help you achieve a great look as well.  I believe you should contemplate what jewellery you wear each day, just as you plan what clothes you wear. You can easily achieve this with the designs I have, making you look stylish and all at a very reasonable price.

My collection offers chic, contemporary jewellery that is both elegant and versatile.  It is hand picked from a selection of designers including Pink Powder which has their colourful designs all handmade in Greece.

Most of the jewellery is made from gold vermeil, (a term used to describe sterling silver that has been plated with gold) or in a few cases it is gold plated on brass. This way you can enjoy the look of gold without having to pay the high price that gold currently commands.